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30n30 Day 2 “a little behind” November 12, 2008

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Yesterday as I was leaving work – I went into my boss’ office to update him on something.  He then asked me, “How’s your workload as of late?”  I told him that it was moderate…the calm before the storm (my company is launching their product on Tuesday).  But is that really true?  I haven’t really been feeling inspired at work as of late.  I really like the people I work with.  I really like and respect my boss.  But I feel like I have adult ADD.  I can’t focus on any task for any good amount of time, I don’t feel like doing work – although as I type this, I think of all the work in the past week that has piled up.  All last week and most of this week – I was doing just enough work to get by…and that’s it. I usually find a reason to get up from my desk and wander around the offices.  It’s like I take laps around the office to get my head on straight…and then I end up sitting at my desk playing Diner Dash and watching episodes of Life on Hulu. (Okay, so I only did it one day…but still…)

Now I have people coming into my office asking me on the status of certain items…and I don’t have one.  Either because (1) I procrastinated and didn’t really see it as urgent or (2) I just didn’t care.  It’s a bad attitude and I have to shake my way out of it. I do care.  I like my job.  I want to do well.  The good news is – I’m just a little behind.  Not craptastically behind.  I have done all items that are critical and that impact the business.  It’s just the little things I can’t seem to wrap my head around. I’m just not sure how and I’m feeling overwhelmed…  Today – I decided to blog my Day Two 30n30 blog early so I can concentrate on work and not what I’m going to blog.   Over and out.  See you manana.


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