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so. excited. November 12, 2008

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i work in the video game industry.  i think to work in this industry, you have to have a passion for games.  i do have a passion – but there are certain games that capture my heart.  one, as of late, is diner dash. i love this game.  it’s a casual time management game…much like tapper.  do any of you remember tapper? such a great game and no one remembers it.  that and karateka.

anyway, if i find a game i like, i play it OBSESSIVELY.  one of these games is World of Warcraft.  for those of you familiar with this game (and seriously, how could you not be…unless you’ve been living in a bunker for the last 5 years) you know that people who play this game live, eat and breath the world of azeroth.  now, i’m not as schooled on the different specs and nuances of this game – but i play well enough to get by.  i can participate in a raid and not cause us to wipe.  and i have lots of fun doing it.  my husband started playing it as well…and now…well…the newest expansion pack Wrath of the Lich King is coming out tomorrow…it’s currently en route to our apartment.  husband and i are both taking friday off so we can dork out and play all day.  i am so. excited. (not to mention excited about the long weekend I have in front of me as well!)


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