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facebook status November 14, 2008

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Here are my Facebook status’ from today.  Enjoy.

Christina did not enjoy sitting in traffic this morning. 10:08am

Christina is looking forward to having the day off tomorrow. 10:42am

Christina thought she saw some dusting of S-N-O-W this morning…but maybe it was her imagination. 11:52am

Christina is excited to get home! 4:50pm

Christina is perplexed. Her acupuncturist wasn’t there when she went for her appointment! 6:07pm

Christina is headed into Northrend…anyone? Anyone? 8:11pm

Christina thinks it’s crowded in Warsong Hold. 9:20pm

Christina is going to stop competing with all the people and start playing tomorrow. Quests are taking twice as long! 9:39pm


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