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30n30 day 5 “no good horrible day” November 17, 2008

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This blog is meant to be semi-lighthearted.  However, I’ve had a horrible day.  Terrible.  I’m not going into detail…but let’s just say that it’s too much of a bummer to write about.  Here are my status updates from Facebook:

Christina is already having a craptastic day and it’s not even 11AM. 10:50am

Christina just had lunch with an old friend. 1:15pm

Christina is chugging along. 2:31pm

Christina is excited about the new Fast and the Furious Movie…anyone? Anyone? 4:48pm

Christina | Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock. 8:50pm

Right now, I’m watching “Big Bang Theory” – love this show.  Initially, my husband was really into it and I refused to watch it.  I caught a few episodes and I’m hooked.  I get most of the jokes (they are nerdy / dorky ones) and that pleases me.  Today, the boys wanted to make paper scissor rock more difficult – so they invented a game called Paper, Scissors, Rock, Lizard, Spock.  Best game ever.


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