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30n30 day 8 death by chocolate November 20, 2008

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My friend Alex is trying to kill me.  Well, not really…but he is a foodie.  He knows where to get all the good food and sometimes brings it into work.  Some are from places like the Clear Flour Bakery and some are his own creations (can you say pumpkin seeds with truffle oil and sea salt).  Anyway, in the past few months, I was recently diagnosed as a diabetic.  I’m on some drugs for it and trying to cut back on carbs and stuff (is this post redundant to yesterdays?).  Anyway, sugar is no-no – or at least I should eat it in minimum quantities.  Anyway, today – Alex comes in with the most amazing chocolate chip cookie.  It’s huge.  Like 5 inches in diameter.  Chocolate chip cookies are my weakness.  If you need something, bring me a chocolate chip cookie.  I ate it. It was so delicious.  The chocolate was all melty and there were little flecks of salt…which evened out the sweetness.  The cookie had a good crunch – but didn’t break my teeth.  Worth every tick up in my glucose levels.   I went to the gym and worked out and my glucose levels are pretty normal.

On Saturday, we leave for Niko’s parents house to spend the first half of Thanksgiving week.  Then I head up to Maine to spend time with my family.


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