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30n30 day 11 “vacation” November 24, 2008

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Today is officially mine and Niko’s first day of vacation.  I don’t count the weekend because we usually don’t need to work over the weekend.  The first day of vacation is that first day when you’re supposed to be at work – but you can sleep in and spend your day at the mall, watching television or reading or doing whatever the hell you want.  In our case, we slept in, had a solid breakfast, watched some television, ran around town looking for Stephenie Meyers’ third installment in her Twilight series (Eclipse) and came home.  Niko and his parents are playing Trivial Pursuit again and I laid on the couch and read the book.  We go back to Boston tomorrow (I have missed our cats like crazy) and then up to Maine on Wednesday.  All the while, sleeping in and doing what we want.


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