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30n30 day 17 I should stop complaining December 2, 2008

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Last week, I left for vacation to spend time with Niko’s family and my family.  Upon my return, I roll my eyes, state to anyone that asks “I didn’t really go on vacation, I spent it with family.”  Then I complain all weekend that I have to go back to work on Monday.  And I don’t have anything to really talk about.  Blah blah blah.  Complain, complain, complain.  Then, yesterday, I am catching up on a blog that is chronicling a college-mate’s battle with cancer.  A battle of which she is losing, terribly and horribly.  This girl, Erica Murray, who was so full of life and laughter is losing her life.  Cancer, inexplicably, is taking it from her.  She is surrounded by her loving friends and family and they are trying to make things are peaceful and calm as possible.  And I complain that I had to spend my free time with my family over MY vacation and that I have to go back to work in an industry that I love with friends that I enjoy spending time with.  What the eff is wrong with me?  There is a much bigger picture here and I choose to complain and focus on the little stuff.  My dad used to have a book in his bedroom called “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.”  I think I should pick it up and read it (vs. reading my teenage ansty romance novels).  The truth of the matter is that I had a great time visiting Niko’s parents and a good time with my family.  Niko’s parents are very chill and they let us relax…you know…like we were ON VACATION.  My family was all together for Thanksgiving for the first time in over a decade.  We ate good food, no major fights erupted, I got to spend time with my two awesome nephews…yet I complained about it when I got back.  Then I complain about work like it’s life or death.

Erica, who’s blog can be located HERE, has been fighting the disease since February 2006 – the brief description of her blog is:

“PHASE III: RELAPSE This is a site my sister, Jaci, put up when I was first diagnosed with leukemia, in early February 06. I was recovering from a bone marrow transplant of April 29, 2008, a consequence of relapsing in January in Boston this year. Now, 6-months post transplant, leukemia has struck again. I’m back at Stanford Hospital hoping to once again beat this.”

She has been so brave these last three years and to share her story so publicly…there are a lot of people that are following her story and have been touched by it some way or another.  I was not close to her in college, yet the terrible turn of events has hit me quite hard.  She is only 29 years old.  Why do I complain about things I should be thankful for?  Therefore, I pledge for the next 13 days of this 30n30 I am going to post one thing that I am thankful for.

Erica can also be seen in this video.  Song urging people to register on the National Bone Marrow Donor Program.

Today I am thankful for people like Erica Murray…for inspiring me to stop complaining and start living.

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