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30n30 day 19 christmas spirit December 5, 2008

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I come from a background where we celebrate Christmas, yet I acknowledge that there are friends and family that celebrate other things.  For some reason, I feel super guilty when I send out Christmas cards to my Jewish friends.  So I try to find a holiday card that is winter holiday neutral.  This year, I found a really nice card through CVS.  I printed out all the labels, stuck them on the cards, stuffed the enveloped, affixed the stamps and sealed them all shut.  I’m sending close to 80 cards out!  They have a picture of Feynman and Lily and also a picture of Niko and I from our wedding.  They pictures of Feynman and Lily can be seen below:feynmansit1


I’m going to get my hair done tomorrow.  I’m not sure exactly what I want to do.  On Sunday, I’m going shopping at the mall with my friend Alex.  I will pick up Niko’s gift there.  Only two more weeks and then I’m on vacation!  Yay!

Today, I am thankful for holiday television specials (Grinch, Rudolph, Miracle on 34th, Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town).


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