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30n30 day 21 fa la la la la December 7, 2008

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Today, I went Christmas shopping for Niko and for myself.  I bought Niko a Ferragamo wallet (which he loves) and myself a pretty ring.  I also shopped for Niko’s family.  They are all getting iPod Touches.  I went with my friend Alex and he didn’t really buy a lot.  Other than that…it was a prety chill weekend.

After a long day of shopping, Niko came and met us and we picked up Meg from the train station and we all went to Ken Ramen for dinner.  Alex was convinced that it will change my mind about ramen noodles (I think that they taste like doughy plastic).  The broth was AMAZING, but I’m still not a fan of ramen noodles.  No changing my mind!  All and all, it was  a pretty chill weekend.  I think I’m going to go to bed early and get nice and rested for tomorrow.

Today, I am thankful for my friends spread throughout the US!


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