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30n30 day 27 make your own bloody marys December 14, 2008

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Today, I’m going to brunch with some of my friends to the East Coast Grill.  They have a make-your-own bloody mary bar. I am so excited.  Nothing like a good bloody mary to start your day off.  You add your own spice, celery, kick.  Pure deliciousness. Should be some good times.

Niko was supposed to go, but he has to do some work today.  A last minute departure by someone in his department has left a void and now Niko and his team trying to close the gap.  They’ll get it worked out.  I hope that this doesn’t carry on to our vacation, but if it does…I’ll have to live.

Later today, the plan is to clean the apartment and do lots of laundry.  Over the last couple of weeks, the apartment has become quite messy.  Mostly due to me.  I haven’t really felt inspired to clean.  Most likely a combination of being sad about Erica, stressed about work stuff…adds up to me not feeling very motivated to do work around the house.  Video games and television seem far more appealing at the moment.  This is the last week of work before the winter break and I haven’t needed it more than I do this year.  (Hopefully, Niko won’t have to work over the holiday break…ugh.)

Today, I am thankful that my company gives us the week off during the Christmas holiday.